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Totalsports Nike 2019 Concept Proposal

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This is a strategy and creative proposal that I did and presented for Wassp, a digital marketing agency, to Nike South Africa. The purpose was to pitch a Totalsports (local South African retailer) woman’s Nike experience.

The Project Brief

  • Design an elevated Nike product listing page and product listing page to make consumers feel as if they reached a sport destination.
  • Create communication across multiply Nike pages that will educate, inform & inspire sports.
  • Create communication that will speak to women across the Nike pages.
  • UX – Creating a seamless Nike UX throughout the shopping journey.
  • SPORTS – Define and map out how we can communicate and own sports related content online.
  • WOMEN – Communicate to HER throughout the shopping journey based on how she shops SPORTS online.
  • NIKE EXPERIENCE – Create distinction around the Nike experience online.


Understanding and replicating the Nike emotional marketing.

  • Nike has built a brand that appeals to everyone.
  • They have shifted their product focus into an attitude.
  • When a product has become a lifestyle or an attitude worldwide, this is when a brand starts to become recognisable by everyone.
  • Their distinctive visual imagery and lifestyle approach have portrayed and positioned Nike as a valued brand for everyone.

Why does the Nike message work?

Nike connects on an instinctual level because it builds upon the customer’s ego.

We all want to believe in our own incredible passion and tenacity – We believe we are hard working and not lazy – we all believe:

  • I work harder than anyone else;
  • I never give up;
  • I am so incredibly tenacious;

No one will admit to being below average…

we all believe we’re smart even though half of us statistically aren’t as smart as the other people at the table but all of us believe this about ourselves.

It’s the warrior (competitive) archetype that Nike brands with, that’s why they’re such an incredible universal brand.

The 5 Step Nike Formula:

(some ads may not include all 5 but they do at least use a few)

  1. First to the challenge
    Early risers (up and working out before anyone else).
  2. In the Zone
    I’m really feeling it and doing great.
  3. Doubt & Suffering
    All of a sudden I hit a wall (with all the pain I’m in, I’m not sure I can see it through).
  4. Rededication
    I know that I can do this (I am going to see this through and hang in as this is my dream).
  5. Victory
    In the end, oh yes I made it and overcame adversity.



We must be the most powerful symbol for what it means to be a modern, strong and empowered woman.

Using This Product

Using this product is a symbol of our customers’ self-image as being a powerful independent spirit, flying in the face of tradition.

It must demonstrate that she values feeling highly feminine and fierce, being contemporary and forward-thinking. It must help her look recognisably a part of her tribe of young modern feminist women who champion each other.

The Key Design Elements

The fit must be form-flattering, essential wear, a complex mix of contemporary art, motion and music and unapologetically feminine references avoiding falling into the trap of looking “girly”.


Design Inspiration – Creative Strategy

  • Gain an insight into the minds of Nike’s three most influential designers and their custom NIKEiD designs: Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker.
  • Create a South African blend that speaks to the target demographic – An overall Totalsports Nike branding as the primary message.

Hiroshi Fujiwara

Key Elements: High contrast with complementary colours and Clear defined edges.

Tinker Hatfield

Key Elements: Primary colours and 80’s look.

Mark Parker

Key Elements: Bright energetic colours and Curved/wavy design elements .

Proposed Visuals

Proposed South African Woman’s Nike Experience

Marketing and Advertising Concepts:

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