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Bayport Financial Services Project

White label services, rebranding, iconography, website redesign and mockups.


Bayport Financial Services, Rivonia, South Africa.



This project entailed developing an updated website design from existing branding assets and to reconceptualise its brand image.



White label services, rebranding, iconography, website redesign, photoshop mockups, iconography, styleguide and graphic design.


  • Website Development, 15 March 2016
  • Illustrations, 2 April 2016
  • Website Design, 12 April 2016
  • Website Mockups, 8 June 2016
  • Newsletter, 8 February 2017


Working through Wassp, a digital advertising agency, I supplied white label services for the Bayport website brand redesign. Bayport, having their own developers, still required a design service which I provided as previous attempts to update the design could not be agreed upon or were not to standard.

Briefed with the information and requests from Bayport, along with market research, we decided to radically change the branding ensuring an appealing and interactive experience.

I developed Bayport’s Website as a live preview with accompanying mockups and iconography ensuring that the UI elements, adapting to different mobile devices and the general experience were visual through interaction, without having to explain how these elements should display.

Once the project was completed a style guide was supplied with all iconography, images, WordPress data (the theme developed, coding, plugin etc) for Bayport’s developers to work from.


Bayport Financial Services


Rivonia, South Africa



Website Development Date

15 March 2016


2 April 2016

Website Design Date

12 April 2016

Website Mockups

8 June 2016


Website Development


Website Design

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