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Guide to Conversational Copywriting Examples

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Examples of conversational copywriting

Hopefully, this gives further insight into conversational copywriting.


Banquist is a unique product. But they waste their uniqueness with a vague title that could mean fifty different things.

When you’ve got a unique product the golden rule is let the product speak for itself.

Become a Masterchef.
Virtual cooking classes. Taught by Michelin-star chefs.


Customers’ buy outcomes not products. What’s more appealing:

  1. A calming tea
  2. A calming tea that helps you relax, unwind and drift into deep, restorative sleep.
Peace of mind in a cup.
Calming and sleepy teas.
Your most restful sleep is just a sip away.
Calming teas that help you relax, unwind, and drift into deep, restorative sleep.


Their current copy is clear. But it’s also forgettable. It’s much more specific. And handles the customer’s four main objections in one sentence.
Create a job board from Google Sheets in Airtables.
Get a fully functional job board in 10 minutes, without writing code or paying $1000+.


Firstly, “Trail Runner Free” is very confusing. Is that the product? Is it free?

Also, there’s no emotional pull. People don’t get excited by a new headlamp. They get excited by new adventures. So sell the latter.

The World’s Most Comfortable Headlamp.
Meet the Award-winning Headlamp Athletes rely on to Light the Path Ahead.


Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Kids don’t care about “the next generation of SAT prep”. They care about “Acing the SAT”.
Meet the next generation of SAT prep.
Ace the SAT in 10 Mins / Day.
Ace the SAT with just 10-minutes of studying a day.


Football fans don’t care about “tokens”, “surveys”, and “rewards”.

Take ownership of the real problem. Fans are crying out to have their voices heard. Socios solves this. So own it.

Also, add social proof. You’re literally working with Barcelona!

Get Fan Tokens, vote on exclusive team surveys & be rewarded.
How fans get their voice heard.
Join 100k football fans having their say about the club they love.

Counterweight Creative

The language is too vague. It doesn’t feel REAL.

Replaced all their vague words with specific ones. You can’t bullshit specifics.

Become the go-to authority in your space through podcasting.

Connect with the right people and become the one and only in your health + wellness niche.

A proven framework for launching your health & wellness podcast.

In 2020 we’ve helped 258 podcasts rack up 17,679,124 downloads.


This one’s more about repackaging than rewriting. You can’t expect people to read one huge text block to understand your product.

Condensing text into one sentence.

Haako – Wheels at your door.

Haako is an ultimate solution for hotel guests in order to explore the nearby areas, go to work, or to meet the loved ones. We provide Bikes and Electric-scooters to get you where you want to go. And guide you for must-visit places nearby “You will feel local” And pricing are lower than any taxi or ride-sharing services. And riding Bike and E-scooter is always fun. So in that way its “Fun in the budget”.

The fun, fast & sustainable way to explore new cities.


Write with your eraser.
Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done.
Work collaboratively. Get more done.

Ladybird driving school

Ladybird’s uniqueness is that all their instructors are female. So don’t bury it half way down the page. Lead with it.

Write the title only you can.

Pass First Time.

Get Driving Lessons Dublin.

Ireland’s only all-female intructor driving school.
Get driving lessons in Dublin at your pace and within your budget.


Respect the competition, it reflects self-confidence.
When it comes to Drift vs Intercom there’s no comparison. Our bots are intelligent. They convert better. And we offer a consistent experience across the customer lifecycle. Take that Intercom!
Firstly, we’d just like to give a nod to the team at Intercom. They’ve built a great product to help businesses (and if you’re here because you’re evaluating Drift vs Intercom, then you’re already doing the right thing).


The all-in-one platform enabling marketers to achieve their search engine optimisation goals.
With Ahrefs, you don’t have to be an SEO pro to rank higher and get more traffic.

Frontend Mentor

Avoid “landing page words” – Unlock, unleash, enhance, exceed, empower, supercharge, etc. Real people don’t use them.

Supercharge your frontend skills by building real projects.

Join our empowering community helping each other get better.

Improve your frontend skills by building real projects.

Join 22,000 frontend developers helping each other get better.

ABC Laundry

Don’t write AT the reader, involve the reader in your copy.
With over 100 years laundry expertise, you can trust you are in safe hands.
Imagine how good you’d be at something if you’d done it every day since 1908.


Find the tension “Pleasant” gets forgotten. Conflict creates interest.

Business insurance made for you.

Life insurance you’ll love (really).

Insurance for the digital revolution.

Forget Everything You Know About Insurance.

Instant everything. Great prices. Big heart.


Avoid “contained” titles. Write something that pulls your reader down your page.
Social media intelligence for your startup.
Do you know the value of your Facebook content?

Wanted Ad

Fence-sitters don’t buy. Go to the edge.

Everyone Wanted.

For pleasant journey. Low wages, fairly cold, long hours of clear blue skies. Safe return probable. In event of success life as normal.

Men Wanted.

For hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. In event of success honour and recognition.


Your first line is crucial. If people don’t read it, they’re not going to read your second line either.

Keep it short.

We focus on nearly every muscle in our body, yet neglect the one area we value most, our face.

With Jawzrsize, it just takes 5 minutes every day to exercise the muscles…

Your face has 43 muscles. Don’t neglect them.

With Jawzrsize, it just takes 5 minutes every day to exercise the muscles…


Kill adverbs. Kill adjectives. They’re flowery. They’re vague. They try too hard.

Effortlessly create email lists from LinkedIn.

Turn any LinkedIn search into a really valuable list of verified emails.

Create email lists from LinkedIn.

Turn any LinkedIn search into a list of verified emails.


Copywriting is selling. Don’t romanticise it. The goal isn’t to be clever or cute.

The goal is to inspire action.

Connect Your Sales Teams With Your Future Customers.

Request a Demo.

Connect Your Sales Teams With Your Future Customers NOW.

See Drift On Your Site.

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