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Centricity Strategy and Content

Copywriting, Marketing, Strategy

Centricity Strategy and Content

Strategy, copywriting and user journey created for Just Solve, a digital marketing agency, for Centricity.

Centricity is a platform that enables a business of any size to digitise and manage their processes and workforce, thereby optimising their day-to-day operations in a seamless, paperless manner.

The Project Brief and Strategy

  • The current website and marketing comes up short against the biggest challenges facing the business, that of a clear understanding of the software solutions and messaging that talks directly to pain points and solutions.
  • The target audience is largely non-technical so a special effort needs to be made to communicate the core benefits of the product range and the additional services.
  • Melding empathy and intelligence to generate a user journey and content to deliver positive, consumer-centred experiences that will ultimately drive purpose, affinity, and revenue for the brand.
  • Focus on customer solutions that combine a number of the solutions.
  • Solutions need to be communicated in a way that is friendly yet professional, approachable and easy to understand.
  • Gain complete insight and understanding of the software solutions through Data analysis, Understanding the customer and Internal interviews.

The Strategy Process and Results

Process / Flow

Highlighted process on the front page

  • Create workflows on your own
  • Pricing to fit even a small business budget
  • Scale as your business grows
  • Integrate with other platforms


Show the following through solutions

  • Chaotic Workplace
  • Stretch Goals
  • High employee turnover
  • Bottlenecks
  • Losing your culture
  • Fragmented market
  • Changing technology
  • Quality Gaps
  • Cutthroat competition
  • Not seeing the potential
  • Talent burn rate

    Catch Phrases

    Highlighting the key messages

    • Run your business hassle free
    • Everything you need for smart processes
    • See what powerful and easy process management feels like
    • Fearless leaders know they can win… Conquer your challenges with a smart weapon
    • Keep it smart with a unified Digital workplace
    • One platform to optimise, manage, and track all of your work… straight from any mobile device or website browser
    • Learn how “Company” is saving *Rand Value* per year on their systems of record
    • Your new digital workplace is a click away >Get Started
    • Process management has never been this good. Try Centricy Now >Get Started
    • A better way to manage: Projects. Life. Plans. Teams. People. Anything.
    • The productivity platform. Create. Plan. Organise. Report. Everything.

    High level

    Versatile and Dynamic


    • Streamed lined
      1. Dashboards: Real-time information on every process, presented in a user understandable summary format
      2. Visual process design: Create your workflow visually and make quick changes anytime you want
      3. Process audit: Get an immediate digital or printable paper trail of all the steps in the process
      4. Analytics and reporting: Generate custom reports, use dashboards, and derive actionable insights
      5. Process optimisation: Perform deep drilldowns into each process to eliminate bottlenecks
      6. Dynamic reporting: Get key insights into processes with process metrics and custom reports
    • Agile
      1. Dynamic routing: Items are automatically routed to the right team members based on?
      2. Agile deployment: Create your processes instantly, assign users to steps and launch without delay
      3. Dynamic business rules: Handle complex decision branches and make instant changes as required
      4. Ad hoc/dynamic assignment: Reassign items to the right team members, even while a process is in progress
    • Convenient
      1. Intuitive user interface: Users get comfortable using Centricity quickly, with its simple, easy-to-understand Interface
      2. Instant access: Access to data from multiple devices, which translates to higher efficiency and speed
      3. Code-free workflow forms: Build and tweak forms with rich content and media, without writing a single line of code
    • Powerful
      1. Automate: Automated assignments, escalations, and notifications to increase speed and reduce error
      2. Fast Integration: Link your workflows with third party systems using handy tools like Zapier
      3. Task management: Exercise task-level control over every process; plan, control, execute and analyse tasks
      4. REST API: Cross-system orchestration made possible through robust and extensive APIs
      5. Scalability: A solution that grows with you to support multiple teams, locations, and more
      6. SLA Manager: Ensure that all SLAs are monitored and executed consistently well
    • Team-Friendly
      1. Communication: Process based activity feeds make for a collaborative workplace
      2. Enterprise mobility: Don’t let locations limit your team members’ abilities to contribute
      3. Social collaboration: Get contextual information and alerts to work together seamlessly and simultaneously
      4. Social tasks: Users can allocate task responsibilities ad-hoc throughout teams
      5. Document sharing: Attach documents from your file storage and we will take care of managing and sharing it contextually
      6. Smart alerts: Get instant, automatic, and relevant notifications that balance the signal to noise ratio


    Copywriting and user journey for Centricity.

    The site’s content and structure is now defined by user experience:

    1. Home
    2. Process Management
    3. Case Management
    4. Project Management
    5. Collaboration
    6. Analytics
    7. Integrations
    8. Digital Workplace
    01 Centricity wireframe Home
    02 Centricity wireframe Process Management
    03 Centricity wireframe Case Management
    04 Centricity wireframe Project management
    05 Centricity wireframe Collaboration
    06 Centricity wireframe Analytics
    07 Centricity wireframe Integrations
    08 Centricity wireframe Digital Workplace

    Strategy Led Design & Development.

    I’m a freelance designer & developer working with agencies and startups to build strategy-led brand designs and websites.


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    • Post Production & VFX
    • Digital Marketing

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    Start a project, schedule a talk, or just say hello...

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