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Centricity Strategy and Content

Copywriting, Marketing, Strategy

Centricity Strategy and Content

Strategy, copywriting and user journey created for Just Solve, a digital marketing agency, for Centricity.

Centricity is a platform that enables a business of any size to digitise and manage their processes and workforce, thereby optimising their day-to-day operations in a seamless, paperless manner.

The Project Brief and Strategy

  • The current website and marketing comes up short against the biggest challenges facing the business, that of a clear understanding of the software solutions and messaging that talks directly to pain points and solutions.
  • The target audience is largely non-technical so a special effort needs to be made to communicate the core benefits of the product range and the additional services.
  • Melding empathy and intelligence to generate a user journey and content to deliver positive, consumer-centred experiences that will ultimately drive purpose, affinity, and revenue for the brand.
  • Focus on customer solutions that combine a number of the solutions.
  • Solutions need to be communicated in a way that is friendly yet professional, approachable and easy to understand.
  • Gain complete insight and understanding of the software solutions through Data analysis, Understanding the customer and Internal interviews.

The Strategy Process and Results

Process / Flow

Highlighted process on the front page

  • Create workflows on your own
  • Pricing to fit even a small business budget
  • Scale as your business grows
  • Integrate with other platforms


Show the following through solutions

  • Chaotic Workplace
  • Stretch Goals
  • High employee turnover
  • Bottlenecks
  • Losing your culture
  • Fragmented market
  • Changing technology
  • Quality Gaps
  • Cutthroat competition
  • Not seeing the potential
  • Talent burn rate

    Catch Phrases

    Highlighting the key messages

    • Run your business hassle free
    • Everything you need for smart processes
    • See what powerful and easy process management feels like
    • Fearless leaders know they can win… Conquer your challenges with a smart weapon
    • Keep it smart with a unified Digital workplace
    • One platform to optimise, manage, and track all of your work… straight from any mobile device or website browser
    • Learn how “Company” is saving *Rand Value* per year on their systems of record
    • Your new digital workplace is a click away >Get Started
    • Process management has never been this good. Try Centricy Now >Get Started
    • A better way to manage: Projects. Life. Plans. Teams. People. Anything.
    • The productivity platform. Create. Plan. Organise. Report. Everything.

    High level

    Versatile and Dynamic


    • Streamed lined
      1. Dashboards: Real-time information on every process, presented in a user understandable summary format
      2. Visual process design: Create your workflow visually and make quick changes anytime you want
      3. Process audit: Get an immediate digital or printable paper trail of all the steps in the process
      4. Analytics and reporting: Generate custom reports, use dashboards, and derive actionable insights
      5. Process optimisation: Perform deep drilldowns into each process to eliminate bottlenecks
      6. Dynamic reporting: Get key insights into processes with process metrics and custom reports
    • Agile
      1. Dynamic routing: Items are automatically routed to the right team members based on?
      2. Agile deployment: Create your processes instantly, assign users to steps and launch without delay
      3. Dynamic business rules: Handle complex decision branches and make instant changes as required
      4. Ad hoc/dynamic assignment: Reassign items to the right team members, even while a process is in progress
    • Convenient
      1. Intuitive user interface: Users get comfortable using Centricity quickly, with its simple, easy-to-understand Interface
      2. Instant access: Access to data from multiple devices, which translates to higher efficiency and speed
      3. Code-free workflow forms: Build and tweak forms with rich content and media, without writing a single line of code
    • Powerful
      1. Automate: Automated assignments, escalations, and notifications to increase speed and reduce error
      2. Fast Integration: Link your workflows with third party systems using handy tools like Zapier
      3. Task management: Exercise task-level control over every process; plan, control, execute and analyse tasks
      4. REST API: Cross-system orchestration made possible through robust and extensive APIs
      5. Scalability: A solution that grows with you to support multiple teams, locations, and more
      6. SLA Manager: Ensure that all SLAs are monitored and executed consistently well
    • Team-Friendly
      1. Communication: Process based activity feeds make for a collaborative workplace
      2. Enterprise mobility: Don’t let locations limit your team members’ abilities to contribute
      3. Social collaboration: Get contextual information and alerts to work together seamlessly and simultaneously
      4. Social tasks: Users can allocate task responsibilities ad-hoc throughout teams
      5. Document sharing: Attach documents from your file storage and we will take care of managing and sharing it contextually
      6. Smart alerts: Get instant, automatic, and relevant notifications that balance the signal to noise ratio


    Copywriting and user journey for Centricity.

    The site’s content and structure is now defined by user experience:

    1. Home
    2. Process Management
    3. Case Management
    4. Project Management
    5. Collaboration
    6. Analytics
    7. Integrations
    8. Digital Workplace
    Centricity Strategy and Content 1
    Centricity Strategy and Content 2
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    Centricity Strategy and Content 8

    Strategy Led Design & Development.

    I’m a freelance designer & developer working with agencies and startups to build strategy-led brand designs and websites.


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    Start a project, schedule a talk, or just say hello...

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